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Although many people do not realize it, office chairs carry a lot of importance. They have a significant impact on your performance and can increase your creativity and productivity substantially. Most people spend the major part of their part of their day on their chairs, which is why it is imperative that the chairs that they are sitting on are incredibly comfortable.

Sitting on crooked chairs can not only have an adverse impact on your work, but it can also cause significant health problems down the line.

Numerous researchers indicate that most office workers spend 35 to 40 hours ion their chairs per week. This reason is why you should take your time when choosing office chairs. However, finding the right chair might not be as easy as it seems.

People often buy chairs by judging their appearance, which is something that leads them to purchase uncomfortable chairs. There are numerous elements that you have to consider when purchasing a chair, as they feel comfortable for a while, but it is the long-term comfort that matters.

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Finding the perfect chair for your office is crucial for your productivity and overall health. Let us discuss some factors that you should consider when buying office chairs.

  • Adjustable Width and Seat Height

Adjustability is the first thing that you should look for when buying an office chair. Look for a seat that allows you to set your feet flat on the floor. Width is also critical to make sure that your hips have enough room to adjust positions whenever you want.

  • Lumbar Support

Having an adjustable back in the seat is an essential element that provides excellent comfort. Lumbar support makes sure that you do not have to compromise your posture for comfort, and you can maintain your spinal integrity. You should see that the chair is easily able to curve according to the shape of your lower back.

  • The Material of the Seat

The material of your office seat should be cushioned to make sure that your weight is evenly supported.

  • Arm Rest Adjustability

Resting your elbows while working is a critical because, it allows you to concentrate while working and is especially helpful for typing.

  • Swivel

Rotating your office chair should be easy for every seat. This allows you to reach for objects without any problem easily.

  • Look and Design

Although comfort and functionality are a couple of features that are extremely important when choosing office chairs, you should never ignore their design and looks. An aesthetically pleasing chair with great features is not easy to overlook. Choosing the right design can add to the look of your office and boost the mood of your employees.

The Perfect Chair

When you think about it, office chairs can bring strong physical and emotional attachments to people who use them. You would not find this attachment with any other piece of furniture. You might be surprised to find out that some people spend more time on their office chairs than in their beds.

Chairs offer many features. These features are not just there for the sake of being there. There is a lot of ergonomic research behind them.

According to various well-reputed researches, the perfect chair offers perfect back support that allows you to sit comfortably and keep your feet down at an angle of 90 degrees. You should be able to adjust the height of the chair according to the screen of your computer, and your wrists should be parallel to the keyboard.

One of the biggest mistakes employers make when choosing chairs is that they often take the approach of one size fits all. This approach never works and often leads to disgruntled employees.

Is it Feasible to Invest Money in Chairs?

Most good companies are fully aware of the fact that chairs are essential and providing the employees the wrong chairs can prove to be a significant issue. Almost 15 to 20 percent of the budget for an office is spent on buying chairs.

As we discussed earlier, you should not just focus on aesthetic when it comes to buying chairs. It goes beyond that. A good chair will keep your neck, back, hips, and shoulders completely comfortable for long periods of time while working.

Making improvements in the ergonomics of office chairs will prove to be a good decision as it has a proven record of increasing efficiency substantially. Studies indicate that workers who have ergonomic office chairs are mostly on time, absent less frequently, and have fewer health problems as opposed to those who do not.

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You do not have to be an expert in separating good chairs from bad ones. Just spend a few hours in front of the computer when using one, and you will instantly find out which chair would suit you the most.

It is important to know that people who spend a significant chunk of their time on bad chairs tend to develop skeletal disorders and breathing issues. These are a couple of problems that can have a detrimental effect on your health down the line. Therefore, investing your money on a good chair would be a wise decision that will infinitely be helpful for your work and your well-being.

Non Traditional Methods for Choosing an Office Chair

There is no shame in admitting that people often go through mundane routines when they are searching for an office chair. They often rely on catalogues, which can sometimes end up being a bad decision for them. Additionally, some people go to stores in search of chairs and spend the entire day to no avail. Although these options are not inherently bad, they do have their flaws. You can try to resort to some obscure options that can prove to be even better in your pursuit of finding a good office chair.

Read Reviews

People often ignore reading reviews when it comes to choosing office chairs. Reviews can turn out to be extremely helpful as they can let you make a well-informed decision on whether to buy a particular chair or not. Why not read the opinions of people who have already used the chairs it is almost the perfect way to choose chairs.

There are a plethora of platforms where you can find reviews. The internet, magazines, and newspapers are some of these platforms.


Certain books solely focus on the subject of office chairs, and reading these books will give you great knowledge and will help you decide which chair would be the perfect match for you. “A Taxonomy of Office Chairs” is a famous book that significantly discusses this subject and provides crucial details about office chairs that you will be astonished to find.

Making the Most Out Of Your Office Chairs

Some people prefer their current chairs or do not have the budget for new ones. There are specific steps they can take to make sure that they can make the most out of their office chairs and add a level of comfort to them.

  • Footrest

Often, people end up with chairs that are not adjustable according to the desk’s height. Additionally, they might also prove to be problematic when it comes to resting the feet.

You can add a footrest to eliminate this problem. The footrest will be hugely helpful in removing pressure from your ankles and your knees. You will feel like your chair is brand new.

  • Lumbar and Pillow Support

Some unfortunate people buy expensive chairs thinking that they will be comfortable and offer great support to their body, but later on, find out that there is not any actual support. Protecting your back, and more specifically your lumbar, is very important. Therefore, you should waste no time in placing a regular pillow on your seat or a lumbar support pillow. This will ensure your back is not compromised and you can work with efficiency.

  • New Wheels

Moving around the room is extremely common in offices. Having wheels under your office chairs is greatly helpful for this. It allows you to move wherever you want freely without leaving the comfort of your office chair.

Do not worry if the wheels of your office chair have worn out or dislocated. You can always reattach them or buy new ones. It is relatively cheap and hugely helpful in the long run.

  • Reupholster

Reupholstering is not as tricky as people make it out to be;. iIt is straightforward. Matching the look of your seat with the theme of the room will do wonders to improve the overall aesthetic appeal of your office.

  • Paint

The paint in office chairs can wear out after a few years. You can paint it to make sure that your chair has longevity and looks as good as new.

Best Office Desk Chairs

It should not be a surprise to anyone that there are numerous types of office chairs available in the market. Choosing from so many chairs can prove to be problematic and cause too much confusion. However, don’t worry, we have made sure that you can choose from the best of them by looking for the best office desk chairs that we have to recommend

1. Modway Articulate Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair

best office chair

Finding a better office chair than this one would be a tough task. It has all the qualities that people look for in their office chairs. They are incredibly durable and require little to no maintenance. Let us discuss some features of this great office chair below:

  1. This chair has great dimensions and can easily accommodate people of virtually any height or weight. The length of this office chair is 26.5 inches, the width is 26 inches, backrest height is 22 inches,” and armrest height is 27.5 inches”.
  2. This chair will prove to be great if you are planning to upgrade your office furniture. Its modern and sleek design will give a new and improved look and will greatly add to the overall look of your office as it can go along with virtually any office setting.
  3. This office chair is perfect for people who spend most of their office time in front of computers. Its perfect adjustability is the main reason behind that. You can easily adjust this office chair according to the height of your computer screen while still keeping your feet flat on the ground. You will find no problems in adjusting the height of the chair as you can do it with a simple push or pull of the seat tilt present below it.
  4. The swivel and lock system in the chair is also great and easy to use, which is why we consider it to be the best desk chair for any office.
  5. This chair is designed with the sole purpose of the buyer’s creativity and productivity in mind. Its supportive and sturdy design makes sure that not only are you comfortable while you are sitting on it, but are also able to work in the same position for an extended period without feeling restricted.
  6. The Modway Articulate Chair can easily accommodate a weight up to 330 pounds, which is extremely high considering the lightweight and easy portability of the chair.
  7. The ergonomic support that this chair has to offer is virtually incomparable. The passive lumbar support, and breathable mesh and generous padding make sure that the Modway Articulate Office Chair is without a doubt probably the best desk chair that you will find out there.
  8. The width of this seat is spectacular, and you will find that it has no problems in accommodating people of large and wide statures.
  9. People with sacroiliac joint issues should get hold of this chair is it will provide them immediate relief from their pains.
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2. Amazon Basics High Back Executive Chair

best office chair

The high black executive chair can be found in a lot of offices due to its increasing popularity. The comfort that it provides is second to none. Let us take a look at some of the features that this office chair has to offer:

  1. With a weight capacity of 113 kilos, this chair proves to be extremely strong despite its light weight.
  2. Assembling this chair will be a walk in the park for you. You find comprehensive assembly instructions with this chair.
  3. The dimensions of this office chair are also great with a length of 25.59 inches, a width of 25.59 inches, and height of up to 45.08 inches.
  4. The smooth rolling casters and 360-degree swivel make your life easier when using this chair. The option of adjusting the height of the seat is not bad either.
  5. The back of this seat is generously padded to make sure that you are comfortably able to work on it for several hours without any problems.
  6. PVC padded seating and bonded black leather upholstering ensure that this chair provides perfect support and comfort and looks great at the same time.
  7. The thickness of this chair is more than decent. You will not worry about it deflating after a while, as it is exceptionally durable.
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3. Amazon Basics Mid-Back Mesh Chair

best office chair

This is one of the best office desk chairs you will find in the market, primarily because of its affordability. Find out the features of this amazing office chair below:

  1. This office chair is extremely breathable due to the contoured mesh present inside it.
  2. This seat can easily bear a weight up to 225 pounds, which is relatively high considering its surprisingly lightweight.
  3. The padding of this office chair is perfect. Pair it with the easy height adjustment option, and you have the perfect office chair. You will have to pull the control handle upwards while leaning forward to raise the seat up.
  4. Just like most good office chairs, this one also comes along with easy to follow assembly instructions.
  5. You will receive dual wheel casters along with this chair, making sure that you can move freely in your workplace. This will make multitasking significantly easier, especially because of how smooth these wheels are.
  6. The depth of this office chair is 25.2 inches, the width is 35.6 inches, and it is 40.3 inches high.
  7. You will not find a better office chair than this for adding style to your office place. Not only can you get this chair for your office, but you can also keep it in your home, and. it will not look out of place.
  8. The border detailing and back support of this office chair is great. The feature allows the chair to bend according to the back’s shape.
  9. The armrests are at a good height and make sure that your wrists do not have to bend uncomfortably.
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4. Flash Furniture Mid Back

best office chair

This office chair is the perfect solution for all of your furniture needs. It’s comfort, and excellent features guarantee customer satisfaction. Let us take a look at what makes this office chair so great:.

  1. This task chair has a contemporary design and can blend in well with any setting
  2. The dimensions of this seat are immaculate and are perfect for people who spend hours in front of the computer. The height of this seat is 17.25 to 20.25 inches, the depth is 19 inches, and the overall size is 20.25 inches.
  3. The maximum weight capacity if the flash furniture mid-back office chair is 250 lbs
  4. The back material of this chair contains a generous amount of mesh, which means that there is sufficient ventilation, making sure that you never sweat while working.
  5. You will not need to get hold of extra lumbar support for this seat as it is already built in.
  6. The presence of the tilt locking mechanism makes it extremely easy to adjust the seat without any hassle
  7. You can raise or lower the level of your seed according to your computer screen by simply using the adjustment knob present beneath the seat
  8. Your lumbar area will get added support due to the presence of the curved mesh present on the seat’s back
  9. The dual wheel casters present on this office chair will make multitasking as easy as ever. The top quality nylon base ensures that it holds the wheels and the seat together well.
  10. The edge of the seat is shaped like a waterfall front. This makes sure that you can sit comfortably and keep your feet down flat on the floor.
  11. One of the best features that make the flash furniture office chair stand out in front of the rest is its flip-up arms with mesh padding. You can adjust the arms according to your desire.
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5. Homall Gaming Chair

best office chair

Gamers spend numerous hours in front of their computer screens. They suffer back, neck, and numerous other types of pains due to this. The Homall Gaming Chair makes sure that gamers can freely enjoy their gaming experience without worrying about their backs getting hurt. However, the good thing about this chair is that it is not only a good option for gamers, but for office workers as well. You can easily set these chairs up for your office and work endlessly in great comfort. Let us discuss some features that make the Homall Gaming Chair so great:.

  1. The maximum weight capacity of this chair is up to 300 pounds.
  2. The multi-direction wheels present in it and the 360-degree swivel function makes sure that you get the most out of your investment in this multi-functional gaming and office chair.
  3. A unique feature of the Homall Gaming Chair is that it allows you to rock it back and forth at an angle between 90 to 190 degrees. You can achieve this by merely handling the knob present beneath the seat.
  4. The dimensions of this gaming and office chair are worth admiring. It has a perfect width, depth, height, and overall size and can easily adjust to people of different statures.
  5. Just like most office chairs, this one also has top quality wheels, but what makes this chair better than most is that its wheels have a rubber coating that ensures that they do not make noise when moving.
  6. This office chair is extremely durable, and it requires very little maintenance. It is upholstered with top quality leather that is also easy on the skin.
  7. The base of this office chair is solid and can withstand pressure tremendously well.
  8. The Homall Gaming Chair comes along with lumbar cushion and headrest pillow. These are great features because they will ensure that your neck and back do not hurt after numerous hours of working in the office.
  9. The manufacturers of this office and gaming chair made sure that its design is ergonomically and orthopedically suitable.
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6. Amazon Basics Low Back Computer Chair

best office chair

Style and comfort are two of the most important things that people look for when they are looking for office chairs. Luckily, the Amazon Basics Low Back Computer Chair has both of these things to offer. Therefore, let us waste no more time in discussing some of its features:.

  1. First of all, the dimensions of this chair are close to perfection. A width of 18 inches and depth of 17.5 inches are perfect for people of virtually any size.
  2. The maximum weight capacity of this office chair is up to 250 pounds, which is surprising as this chair is remarkably light (16.75 pounds).
  3. The padding of this seat has a thickness of 2 inches, making sure that you can sit comfortably without hurting your buttocks or your lower back.
  4. An easy to use height adjustment option ensures that you can easily set the seat’s height according to your desire.
  5. The back of this seat has sufficient mesh and is contoured with black, proving that not only is this office chair comfortable, but it is stylish as well.
  6. Raising or lowering the seat is as simple as it could be. Just pull the control handle upwards while removing your weight from the seat to raise it. Push the control handle downwards while adding your weight onto the seat to lower it.
  7. The border detailing and back support of this chair are immaculate. Rarely will you find an office chair with such perfection when it comes to these features.
  8. The Amazon Basics Low Back Computer Chair has mesh specific portions. These parts greatly enhance the breathability of the chair and make sure that it does not cause you to sweat.
  9. The range of motion that this office chair has to offer is incredibly versatile. The range is far superior to most traditional office chairs on the market.
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7. Komene Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair

best office chair

The Komene Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair will make working extremely convenient for you. One of the biggest reasons why so many people find this chair to be so great is its ergonomic yet straightforward build. The promise of comfort is a guarantee when it comes to the Komene Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair. Let us look at some of the features that make this modern office chair so great:.

  1. This ergonomic mesh chair is perfect for people who are tall and or heavy. People of different statures can easily adjust in it without any hassle.
  2. Assembling this office chair is like a walk in the park. The instruction manual that comes along with it is easy to follow and will ensure that you can assemble this chair within minutes.
  3. The Komene Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair is extremely durable. Its sturdy base holds the chair’s structure firmly.
  4. This chair has top quality breathable mesh. The mesh ensures that your back does not get sweaty while working. You will easily be able to work for numerous hours without feeling uncomfortable.
  5. This modern office chair has wheel casters of top-notch quality. These wheel casters are incredibly smooth, mobile, and offer great versatility.
  6. The lever present beneath the chair makes sure that you can adjust the chair’s height the way you want it.
  7. This ergonomic office chair also offers the option of tilting, which means that you can easily lay back and rest without worrying about damaging the chair.
  8. 10 centimeters is the maximum range to adjust the height of this office chair.
  9. A loading capacity of 275 pounds makes this office chair extremely strong and sturdy.
  10. You will receive a backrest along with the Komene Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair. This will allow you greater focus while working. You will easily be able to avoid any woes relating to your neck or back.
  11. Unlike many traditional office chairs, the Komene Office Chair provides you the option of stretching your back at a 135-degree angle.
  12. Removing lower back strain will become easier than ever due to the presence of high-quality mesh inside the chair. Your back will not feel stiff, and you will easily be able to work for a long time without any problems.
  13. Offices are not the only place where you can use these chairs; you can also use them in your living rooms. The design if this modern chair makes sure that it blends easily no matter where you install it.
  14. The manufacturers designed this chair keeping in considerations of day-to-day workers in their minds. This is why these chairs are so ergonomically designed.
  15. You will feel almost no pressure on the hips as the seat of this chair is extremely comfortable. You will virtually forget about stress while working on this modern office chair
  16. This chair has a unique quality of making you feel comfortable while also improving your posture. This makes things extremely convenient and makes the Komene Ergonomic Mesh Chair a worthwhile investment.
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8. Argomax Ergonomic Mesh Chair

best office chair

You will easily be able to meet your office needs by getting hold of the Argomax Ergonomic Mesh Chair. Working for numerous hours will feel like a breeze due to the tremendous back support that this modern office chair has to offer. Mentioned below are some key features that make the Argomax ergonomic mesh chair a must-have:.

  1. Durability is one of the best things that make the Argomax Ergonomic Mesh Chair so great. It will last for a significant period without too much wear and tear.
  2. The top quality material that is used for this chair makes it a must buy. It is virtually impossible to cut it or light it on fire flame on it. The breathable mesh present inside this chair ensures that you do not sweat even if you work for a very long time.
  3. Cleaning the chair is extremely simple because of its impeccable material. Additionally, you will not need to maintain this chair too often as it makes sure that it does not absorb sweat due to its breathable mesh.
  4. Your lower back will not be a major problem for you anymore with the presence of the Argo Max Ergonomic Mesh Chair. The mesh present inside is more than enough to make sure that you can rest your back comfortably onto it. The chair changes shape according to the back making sure that the back does not have to endure any unnecessary stress.
  5. The adjustable headrest of this office chair is a unique feature that most traditional office chairs lack.
  6. You also have the option of tilting this office chair according to your needs.
  7.  Thanks to modern technology, the Argomax Ergonomic Mesh Chair has an extremely adaptive base. Your body weight will prove to be enough to adjust its base, and the need of levers of knobs will not be necessary.
  8. You will find that adjusting the height of this modern office chair is extremely easy. All you will need to do is grab hold of the lever and pull or push it to lower or raise the height of the chair.
  9. 300 pounds is the maximum weight capacity of this office chair.
  10. This modern office chair has a firm and strong and can withstand great pressure.
  11. The unique hand rests of this office chair are what make it stand out ahead of so many other chairs. You can easily adjust the height of the hand rests according to your needs. Not only that, the hand rests have soft padding, which means that you can comfortably rest your hands while working and pay full attention to your work.
  12. Assembling the chair will be extremely easy for you due to its easy to understand instruction manual that comes along with it.
  13. You will receive a head pillow, a chassis, and two armrests along with this office chair. This will ensure that the time you spend on this chair is nothing but relaxing.
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9. Sihoo Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair

best office chairThe Sihoo Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair offers several unique features. This office chair makes life monumentally easier in the workplace, especially because of its lightweight construction. Mentioned below are some key features that make this ergonomic modern office chair so great:

  1. You will receive an easy to understand instruction manual with this chair. You will not need any help with assembling this chair, which you can easily do within a few minutes
  2. This ergonomic office chair is mechanically sound, as one of the best chair companies in the world manufactures it. Finding faults will be extremely difficult in this chair because of its great design
  3. Mesh is the main material the brand uses for manufacturing this chair. People who work in offices for numerous hours will find this chair a reliable option. This is a top-notch office chair with breathable mesh that will make sure that you do not sweat while working long hours.
  4. The dimensions of this office chair are exceptional. You can even sit cross-legged on the wide seat. You will not find this feature in most traditional office chairs.
  5. The air pressure rod of the Sihoo Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair is extremely durable and can withstand great pressure. This chair can bear weight up to 350 pounds, which is surprising because of the chair itself is lightweight.
  6. The top quality wheel casters in this modern office chair provide you great mobility and are extremely smooth. You will find multitasking extremely easy on this office chair.
  7. You will find this chair perfect for you if you are living a sedentary lifestyle. Its ergonomic design will ensure you are able to work for hours without straining your back. The manufactures designed this chair keeping the daily routines of office workers in mind.
  8. Your buttocks will not feel pressure when sitting on this chair as it has a great cushion.
  9. This modern office chair is essentially the standard-bearer for most office chairs because of its topnotch and unmatched quality. You will find it virtually impossible to look for chairs that have features similar to this one.
  10. The lever under the chair will make it easy for you to adjust the height of the chair. All you will need to do is simply pull or push the lever below to raise or lower the chair’s height.
  11. Durability is one of the most important things that people look for in office chairs. Durability is precisely what the Sihoo Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair offers. You will be happy to invest in this chair as it will last for a long time and will not experience too much wear and tear.
  12. This modern office chair goes through rigorous testing routines to make sure it meets all the safety and quality standards for office chairs.
  13. You will receive all of the necessary accessories you expect with office chairs.
  14. The top quality mesh fabric is incomparable to any other office chair you will find. It feels good and requires little maintenance.
  15. The well-manufactured ridge backrest of this modern office chair is great and is more than accommodating for the human spine. You will not have to worry about getting back or hip cramps after hours of working in the office.
  16. Manufacturers of this office chair kept the human dynamic model in mind while developing this office chair. This is why it is so hard to find faults with this office chair.
  17. You will be happy to find out that the Ergonomics Association approves the Sihoo Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair, which means you shouldn’t think too much before making the purchase.
  18. The cushion of this office chair is comprised of soft cotton. You will feel completely at ease when you sit on this chair. The top quality materials used for creating this chair make sure that it does not deteriorate for a remarkably long period.
  19. The adjustable handrails of this office chair are like no other. Rarely will you find handrails that are not only adjustable, but extremely comfortable as well. You can adjust the height of the handrails according to your desk making sure that your wrists don’t bend in any awkward positions.
  20. The unique rotating head pillow of this office chair makes it a must-have. Not only will this head pillow prevent neck problems, it will also make working long hours extremely easier. You can rotate the pillow at 160 degrees.
  21. The Sihoo Ergonomics Mesh Office Chair also includes a lumbar pillow. The pillow guarantees that you do not develop any degenerative back issues down the line.
  22. You will easily be able to avoid long-term damage from sitting, as this chair will help you in improving your posture.
  23. Office chairs with pedal comforts are hard to come by. However, this office chair does offer pedal comfort. This means you can rest your feet while working. You can also adjust the pedals according to your height.
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How Your Chair Impacts Your Health

Most people do not think about it too much, but the chair you are sitting on right now might be affecting your health in a bad way. This reason is why it is so important to get hold of an ergonomic chair.

Shoulder pain or back pain is the last thing you want when using an office chair or any chair for that matter. Sitting and working on the wrong chair for hours can cause significant damage to different parts of your body. You might think your office chair is extremely comfortable, but upon further observation, you will find out it is only comfortable in the short run.

You are probably wondering about some office chair features you should avoid to ensure good health. Well, look no further, as we discuss some undesirable office chairs and their features below:

  • Absence of lumbar support is a common issue with low-cost office chairs. You might feel comfortable on these chairs for a while, but they may cause significant damage to your lower back. The absence of padding on these seats puts a lot of pressure on your disks. This causes your back muscles to tense up, which is extremely painful and can derail your performance.
  • Absence of armrests is another common sight. People who work for numerous hours in their offices, especially in front of computers, need support for their arms. The absence of armrests means they will rest their hands in awkward positions. This can cause a lot of damage to the forearms as well as the wrists in the long run. This reason is why every chair recommended in our reviews has adjustable armrests. Their adjustable nature allows people to fix the height of the rests according to their comfort zone.
  • There are numerous seats that do not have sufficient padding or any padding at all. Absence of padding can cause immense pain in the buttocks and the lower back. Look for office chairs that have a generous amount of padding, preferably mesh padding.
  • The absence of padding also means your thighs are under significant strain. You should get rid of such seats immediately as they will not only be painful, but they will ruin your posture as well.
  • Numerous places actually have stools with hard seats as office chairs. This is completely unacceptable for people who work long office hours. Hard seats are extremely dangerous for your lower back, as you cannot rest it adequately. You might damage your disks, and in case you did not know, repairing damage disks is not only costly, but it is risky as well.
  • Another disadvantage of hard seat stools is there is no option for adjustability. This means you will have to make do regardless of your height.
  • Office chairs with hard backrests are never a good idea. Hard backrests are equally as bad as no backrests. Since you are not able to adjust the back according to your height and size, your back does not receive the proper care that it should. It puts monumental pressure on the spine, resulting in unbearable back pain.
  • Wheel casters are extremely important for office chairs. The lack of movement due to the absence of wheel casters can put a lot of strain on your muscles. Be sure to get a chair that has top quality wheel casters. Your body will thank you.
  • Getting an office chair with a concave backrest is a bad idea;, your lumbar suffers horribly because of it. Not only this,; but your spine does not get sufficient support, which can ruin your posture.
  • You should avoid fixed armrests when buying an office chairs. Fixed armrests are extremely uncomfortable and restricting.

It is extremely important that you look for the above-mentioned flaws whenever you look for a chair before you decide to buy it.

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The Most Expensive Chairs in the World

Although there is a plethora of top quality budget chairs available in the market, it is obvious that people often wonder about the most expensive chairs in the world. This reason is why we decided to dedicate a part of this article solely for this topic. Let us look at some of these chairs and see what makes them so special, and most importantly, so expensive.

Bolotas Arm Chair

Two Brazilian brothers, Humberto and Fernando Campas, manufacture this armchair. The topnotch materials this chair incorporates are the reason why it’s expensive. These brothers gained worldwide popularity due to their creativity in designs and artistic expressions to everything that they create. Some of the most famous museums in the world have this chair on display. In case you are wondering, the Bolotas Arm Chair costs $38,000.

Martin Baker Ejection Seat Chair

Priced at $39,995, this black seat is famous all over the world due to its jet back color and its popular use in place during the mid 1950s. Vulcan, vampire, and Javelin are among a few combat planes that used this ejection seat. The chair’s base incorporates 50 mm, 316-grade steel. There are 16 tubing pieces present in this chair, which is a testament to how great it is.

The Remmus Sun Chair

This outdoor chair is luxurious and is worth $45,000. This is a perfect chair to keep near swimming pools or inside lawns. One of the most notable features of the Remmus Sun Chair is the hidden speakers present underneath it. They provide for a great outdoor relaxing experience. The aesthetic design of this chair is also a thing of beauty.

From the Glitter

From the glitter is a beautiful work of art by designer Kang Myung Sun from South Korea. The artist managed to mesh beautiful natural elements along with the artistic and modernistic designs of today. The handles curve seamlessly into the unitary form of the chair which exudes elegance and looks as though it was cut out of a pearl.

By doing so he was able to create a chair that not only looks gorgeous, but is also one of the most expensive chairs in the world, coming in at nearly $50,000.

Getsuen Diamond Arm Chair

The Getsuen Diamond Arm Chair embodies the phrase one of a kind. The designer, Masanori Umeda, takes a very unnatural premise and turns it into an idea for a chair. The chair takes the shape of a blooming flower, with two petals acting as stumps to balance the chair.

It also has a grayish color with glitter that shines in the light. The chair costs around $67,000, but it’s looks more than make up for the price.

The Silhouette Chair

Accurately named, the silhouette chair strikes a perfect balance between functionality and style. Crafted from a single sheet of copper, the leather hide seat cover lies above the hand beaten and crafted copper base.

This chair also won the Design et al Award in 2015 in the chair category. This sleek, beautiful, and well-crafted chair is available for purchase at a price of $78,000.

The Xhausted Long Chair

Bring freshness and originality to your house with the beautifully crafted and designed Xhausted Long chair. Designed after the exhaust system and dash of a custom Porsche, the chair has taken nearly 300 hours of brute strength.

The chair contains stainless steel throughout and comes in a gold color plated with 24k gold. Not only is this chair extremely good looking, but it has the ability to be an amazing conversation starter. The gold plated Xhausted Long Chair will cost you $85,000.

The Darboux Chair

The Darboux Chair has no equal in style. The beautiful stainless steel polish brings about a mirror finish that is beautiful to look at. Its thin legs and overall outstanding build quality makes it one of the best chairs to own. The cost for this masterpiece by designer Craig Van Bruille is $85,000.

The Riemann Giltz Bronze Chair

The Riemann Giltz Bronze Chair is another entry by the renowned artist Craig Van Bruille, and this chair doesn’t disappoint. The designer masterfully blends and combines modern style with stainless steel. The chair looks futuristic like something that you would see in a game or a movie.  This artistic chair costs $90,000.

The Skull Chair

Saving the best for last and what could be the most expensive chair in the world, the Skull Chair. A modern-day work of art, the chair manages to strike the perfect balance between style and conformability.

Apart from its diamond texture exterior, the chair has astonishingly comfortable velvet cushions for its seating. The chair costs an astounding $500,000.

Best Office Desk Chairs

Steelcase Gesture Chair

You can invest in a Steelcase Gesture Chair as they sell the best ergonomic office chairs. If you are wondering, Steelcase always comes up with the latest technology that improves the quality of your experience with Steelcase Gesture. When they design chairs, especially for office, they focus on every essential aspect.

And this is why their chairs stand out and make the best office desk chairs. Apart from visual appeal, you will find these chairs supportive and comfortable at the same time. If your work nature requires you to sit for long hours, Steelcase gesture is the right choice for you.

Herman Miller Aeron Task Chair

Many people think about Herman Miller when it comes to investing in some pricey office chairs. They are the ones who designed the first ever ergonomic chairs on the market and are still popular for it. In current times, their products have improved significantly.

They are thriving in the industry by producing high-quality and innovative office desk chairs. Although there are certain differences in new and old Herman office chairs, they have not compromised on quality.

Their chairs are supportive, sturdy, and comfy, which make every penny worth it. You can opt for Herman Miller chairs if you are obsessed with the best office desk chair that sports beautiful designs along with functionality.

GM Seating Ergolux Genuine Leather Executive Chair

Comes with grain leather, GM Seating Ergolux is ideal to decorate your workstation with the high-quality office chair. GM Seating is known for lumbar support, which is automatic. It lets you move while making sure you are maintaining the right posture.

Whether you work for a short time or as long as eight hours, GM Seating Ergolux provides the comfort you need. Moreover, it is one of the most customizable expensive chairs available on the market. And, it lets every body type fits in it. GM Seating comes with support backrest and height adjustable options.

X Chair X4 Leather Executive Chair

X Chair X4 leather offers visual design and comfort as well. You can opt for the brand if you are looking for a chair that has both these qualities. The makers have incorporated SciFloat Infinite Recline Technology,. and, the main purpose of this technology is to keep you in motion throughout the day.

Plus, you can get a chance to adjust the chair according to your preference, such as the height of the seat and armrest in depth, width, and angle. You will get a high-quality headrest in an X4 Leather Executive Chair, which makes it a must-have for workaholics.

Herman Miller Embody Chair

Herman Miller’s Embody Chair is another choice for best office desk chair. This can be a smart purchase because of its simple idea. Herman Miller believes in providing high-quality chairs that keep your body comfy and eliminate back pain.

Unlike a regular office chair, the Herman Miller Embody Chair does not require adjustments when you move while sitting in it. This hassle-free aspect of the chair makes it necessary, especially for a busy office.

When it comes to comfort, Herman Miller took advice from at least 40 health experts before designing it. This way, they have successfully made a true ergonomic best office desk chair that’s worth your money.

Eames Executive Work Chair

If you want the traditional vibe in your workspace, Eames Executive Chair sounds perfect. It is not only comfortable, but it comes in the right size. Eames has incorporated a deep cushion in the chair along with padded arms that give it an elegant look.

Haworth Zody Chair

Focused on science and health, Haworth Zody has introduced the top-notch office chair. The designers have put efforts into making a health-friendly chair that was endorsed by the American Physical Therapy Association.

Zody chair comes with an asymmetrical adjustment system so you can identify problems such as pain in your lower back. It is ideal for passive pelvic support and maintaining spinal alignment. Plus, the simple pad is added to support your natural curvature and keep back pain at bay.

Wegner Swivel Chair

When it comes to ergonomics, you will never regret purchasing a Wegner Swivel Chair. It features a bar at the top with of high-quality wood which allows you to twist it like a propeller. The sleek and stylish design of the chair showcases the expertise of Danish craftsmen. If your office has a contemporary vibe, Wegner Swivel Chair blends in well and will increase its visual appeal.

Herman Miller – Sayl Chair

Known as a designer of ergonomic chairs, Herman Miller has introduced Sayl Chair with two jaw-dropping features. It comes with the Y-Tower, which is the backbone of this chair,. and, the ArcSpan is given to provide the shape to its back along with a unique suspension fabric in the middle. It is easy to install and does not require many adjustments.

Eames Soft Executive Chair

With an upholstered form cushion and lightweight aluminum, Eames Soft Executive Chair is available to make your workspace comfortable. If your work requires mobility, this office chair comes in five-star base and a caster that allows you to move on carpeted or wood floor alike.

Not only this, it features seat-height adjustment and tilt-swivel mechanism. So, you are free to customize it according to the level of comfort you want during work.

Expensive chairs do not always offer this facility. Therefore, if you prefer to work while maintaining good posture, invest in Eames Soft Executive Chair.

Side Effects of Sitting All Day

Whether you are looking for office chairs for your employees or for your home workstation, you need to get the best one. If you or your employees sit for long hours, you should invest in comfortable, ergonomic, and adjustable chairs. The best office chair plays a crucial role in the work environment.

For instance, when your employee feels comfortable he or she will be more productive throughout the day. The best office desk chair prevents the risks of back or shoulder pain, which is one of the common pains in many working individuals. So, pay extra attention when looking for the best desk chair for your office.

In most cases, people invest in desks that are aesthetically pleasing and overlook the other aspects of the chairs. It does not sound a smart deal. There is no doubt that these contemporary desk designs enhance the curb appeal of your workplace and comes in handy when you extra space for office essentials.

However, investing in top-notch chairs is necessary to get comfort. This way, you can also avoid the side effects of sitting all day that occur if you have an uncomfortable office chair. If you overlook this factor, you might face the following adverse effects.

Organ Deterioration

Sitting for a long time in an uncomfortable chair can do more damage than you can imagine. It is true that an uncomfortable chair can damage your spine and contribute to severe back pain. However, if you sit in it for prolonged hours, you might damage your other organs as well.

Health experts have revealed that when you sit all day without indulging in any physical activity, your muscles burn less fat and blood does not flow as it should. This practice allows fatty acids to clog your arteries. Moreover, sitting for excess periods of time has also been connected to many health problems such as increased cholesterol levels, cardiovascular problems, and high blood pressure.

Not only this, this situation encourages your pancreas to produce excessive insulin, which is a leading cause of diabetes. Sitting for all day might result in different types of cancer, including breast, endometrial, and colon cancer.

It Makes You Obese

If your daily routine or work requires you to sit daily for nine or more hours, then you are at the risk of obesity. You can control weight gain to some extent if you add a few minutes of exercise to your lifestyle. Not to mention, obese individuals are also prone to many chronic diseases as well.

It Causes Posture Problems

Sitting for hours and slouching can lead to many major or minor problems for your hips, back, neck, and shoulders. In this case, your neck and shoulders stiffen and curve. This situation can become worse if your spine loses flexibility because of constant pressure.

This pressure forces your pelvis to move in the wrong direction, especially when your chair is not ergonomic or does not focus on posture. Therefore, it is necessary to look for chairs that are designed to balance your posture as well.

It Affects Your Analytical Skills

If you think you can sit at your chair and complete day to day tasks such as organizing, problem-solving, or critical thinking, it may work for some time. However, your brain will eventually become foggy, even if you have the most stimulating job, because of constant sitting.

When your body moves, your muscles pump fresh blood along with oxygen to your brain. And, this practice triggers brain and mood enhancing substances. You should know that your brain also gets slow when you do not move.

Neck and Back Pain

Sitting for long hours can immediately result in severe pain in your neck and back. This condition also puts a strain on your cervical vertebrae, which contributes to back pain, neck strain, and sore shoulders.

Moreover, sitting in an uncomfortable position adds pressure to your spine and squeezes the disks that support your back. Therefore, not paying attention to your posture or sitting too long can cause severe back disorders.

How to Avoid Back Pain in your Office Chair

It is common to develop back pain after sitting in your office chair for prolonged hours. It can make this pain worse if you already have it. There are many reasons that lead to back pain. However, the main reason is sitting in a static posture.

This posture widely contributes to stress in your arms, shoulders, and discomfort in your legs. Most importantly, it adds pressure to your spinal discs and back muscles, which can be fatal.

Moreover, when you sit in your office chair for more than three hours, it encourages you to slouch over or down in your chair. Your spinal ligaments also overstretch and put a strain on the discs that cover your spine. When you continue to sit in this incorrect posture, it damages your spinal structure severely and leads to back pain.

You can control the back pain to some extent if you pay attention to your posture along with your office chair.

Office Chair Setup

Health experts recommend investing in an ergonomic office chair. This is because these chairs provide proper support for your back and help maintain a good posture whether you sit for a long time or for a few hours.

However, owing an ergonomic chair will not make any difference until you set it up correctly. It is essential for you to adjust your chair according to your body proportions. This is one of the quick ways to get comfy in your chair. Plus, it helps reduce the strain and pressure on your spine.

For this, you need to set up your chair after determining the desired height for your desk. This practice is also best when the nature of work and the height of a person who is going to use the space are known. Moreover, the height of your desk varies so you need to invest carefully in a chair that goes well with it.

Furthermore, after the setup of your desk, you should adjust your office chair according to your physical proportion. If you are not sure how to set up your chair, here are some effective techniques.

Measure your Elbow

First of all, sit in your chair comfortably and closer to your desk so that your upper arms stay parallel to the spine. Now, let your hands rest on the surface of your desk. If this posture does not resemble the 90-degree angle, you should adjust the height of your chair up or down accordingly.

Measure your Thigh

If you cannot easily slide your fingers under your thigh at the edge of your office chair, you should prop up your feet with an adjustable footrest. In case you are super tall and there is a space between the chair and your thighs, you might need to redo your desk and raise it. This allows you to raise your chair’s height as well.

Check Lower-Back Support

To set up the chair correctly, your lower-back should touch your chair’s back. It is even better if there is a cushion that allows your back to arch slightly. This prevents the risk of slumping forward or slouching down in your chair.

Moreover, it is best to have support for your lower back in your office chair. This support reduces strain. Health experts have warned against slouching or slumping in your office chair because of excess stress on the structures in your low back or lumbar discs.

Double-Check Eye Level

The best way to measure eye level is to sit comfortably in your office chair with your eyes closed and head facing the front. Now, open your eyes slowly and stay focused on your gaze. It should be at the center of your computer.

In case the screen is lower or higher as compared to your gaze, you should adjust the screen accordingly. Plus, this is crucial to minimize the strain on your upper spine.

Adjust Armrests

Adjusting the armrest of your chair is necessary, so it only lifts your arms at your shoulders. Moreover, you should make the most of armrests attached to your office chair as they can put strain on your shoulders along with upper spine. Hence, you are less likely to slouch forward while sitting in your chair.

Traditional or Innovative Office Chairs

Many people love the support and sturdy design of traditional office chairs. Not to mention, traditional chairs are great and have different qualities. On the other hand, the demand for innovative office chairs is increasing as well. For instance, people love investing in ergonomic chairs such as Swiss exercise balls and Swedish kneeling chairs.

It is up to you what variety of office chair you want. However, if you are wondering which kind of office chairs are worth your money, you need to keep the above factors in mind. Traditional chairs provide support whereas ergonomic chairs are best to maintain good posture.

Moreover, if you have an injury or other health issues, you should consult with your doctor before investing in any type of office chair. This helps you find the best office desk chair that works for you as there is no office chair that caters to the needs of all patients. And, if you are a healthy person, you should not overlook factors like comfort and sturdy design.


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